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Whether you have grown up in a Christian Church, been on a spiritual journey that has led you to explore many faiths or have never really thought much about what you believe about God and spiritual matters, we are glad that you are curious about this ministry.  We hope you will discover how good life with God can truly be!  

"We are a life-giving family of believers who are working together in the power of the Holy Spirit to help lead others to become fully-devoted followers of Jesus Christ."

We are real people from a variety of backgrounds who have put our faith in God's grace and His undeserved and unearned love toward us.  Our hope is that as God gives us the ability and opportunity we will use the resources and talents that He has entrusted to us to help people discover a life-changing, saving and growing faith in Jesus Christ. 

We are not seeking to "shuffle" people from one denomination of Christianity to another or even bring a lot of attention to a specific "religious label" that represents what we believe as a group.  As followers of Jesus Christ, we truly want all that we do to point to all that God has done for us.  

Simply put... It's not about us... It's about Jesus, it's about His Gospel and it's all for His Glory!  

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