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Men's Life!

This is not an attempt to fill your schedule with one more thing to do or feel guilty about not doing.   

We want to provide men with consistent opportunities to grow spiritually and also make a difference in our church and community.  

LIFEbus project  As guys, we might find it hard to admit, but we are not "Superman" (please don't tell the ladies...) But we can learn from each other and do some growing as we  take on some of the challenges we all face together as men.  We can experience even more of what God has planned for us as we get together and sharpen each other as men.

We offer two times weekly for men to get together for  some sharpening, accountability and times to really dig in and look for answers together in God's Word.  

Currently we are meeting on Wednesdays @ 6 AM and @ 8:45 PM (420 N Main)

new archwayHopefully you will make one of these times your time to get together with some men who want to grow and be challenged to live the life that God has for us.

Make a difference!  We take on some work projects together and invite you to get dirty with us.  These are setup as the need arises and can be a great way to make a difference with your skills and tools.  Look for announcements on the "calendar" page about work projects or ask Pastor Bill how you could help with something today. 
a big boy toy

There are times throughout the year when special events or outings are planned just for men or fathers and sons. Again, watch the church calendar for upcoming special men's events.