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Welcome to a Network for local Musicians:

Thanks for checking out this opportunity to be equipped and challenged as a musician.

We have many great musicians in the Mitchell area and are looking forward to providing a framework for both beginners and skilled instrumentalists and vocalists to gather and share information that will benefit all.  It's always great to find something that will challenge us to improve or just provide a bit of information to make what we are doing easier or better.   This network will provide a time and place to give us all access to skilled musicians and seasoned worship leaders from several local churches. 

Our hope is that local musicians who desire to effectively use their abilities to honor Jesus Christ, will find this network to be a great benefit to their life and ministry!  If you are part of a church or worship ministry, don't worry about being forced into one style of music or being pressured to follow our lead in your worship settings.  We are simply creating an opportunity  to learn from each other and enjoy some times of sharing information and our experience with other musicians.   

We are planning to host network workshops in 2016 for...

  • Guitarists - Bass, electric and acoustic
  • Drummers and percussionists
  • Pianists and keyboard players
  • Audio/Video Techs 

Ideas for other future workshops include but are not limited to vocalists and vocal groups, strings, brass, woodwinds and creative arts involving live or recorded music.


Feel free to spread the word!  

*Visit this page in the future to find links to resources for musicians who desire to use their talents  to worship God.